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Parking at Lakeridge Health

Here is the link to the Lakeridge parking:

Also, there is some free short term parking on the streets surrounding the hospital.

Non-OHIP Patients

If you do not have OHIP coverage you will have to pay for the services of the Great Expectations Durham and seek reimbursement from your private insurer if applicable. If cost is a barrier and your pregnancy is without medical conditions please consider a midwife provider as they often can provide care for patients without OHIP within their fee model. Fees for the Great Expectation Durham physicians is separate from hospital fees. Depending on the course of your labour, you may also need to pay fees for an Anesthesia physician (in case of epidural or Caesarean Section) or a Obstetrician/Gynecologist (in incase of emergency consultation or Caesarean Section). It is also prudent to have resources set aside for the care of your baby. 

Great Expectations Durham Fees

Anesthesia Fees

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