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Timeline of Pregnancy - what to expect when

4-6 weeks – confirmation of pregnancy with urine or blood test

8 week visit – blood work, Integrated Prenatal Screening (IPS - can read about it here), dating ultrasound if last period date unclear, flu shot (especially if patient will be in third trimester during flu season)

11-13.5 weeks – IPS part 1 (blood test and ultrasound), receive hospital package with information/ registration, etc

15-18 weeks – IPS part 2 (blood test only)

18-20 weeks – anatomy ultrasound (when a partner can attend and the sex of the baby may be seen if the technologist is asked nicely and the baby cooperates)

24-34 weeks – the baby could be expected to live if born

24-28 weeks – screen for gestational diabetes with 1hr test (this will be done earlier if higher risk; more information under diabetes tab)

28 weeks – Rhogam injection for Rh negative mothers (given in ER or at the Oshawa hospital at the first clinic appointment)

28-34 weeks – Pertussis booster shot (additional info here)

35-37 weeks – Group B Strep swab; perineal massage begins (see info here)

36-41 weeks – stripping of membranes

40 weeks – induce women over 40 years old

41 weeks – Non stress test if not yet delivered (post-dates info here)

41 + 3 weeks – induction and relief

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